The church is a collective body whose job it is to bring down legislation from heaven based on God’s Word, to see it worked out in and through the church and then through society. The church acts as heaven’s embassy on earth and brings God’s viewpoint into the culture. It is comprised of Jesus’ followers who are unified by their common belief in His death and resurrection and who confess Him as Christ. The word ekklesia is the Greek term for church and was used as a term to refer to an assembly or gathering of people, often for legislative purposes. It is the charge of the ekklesia to create a clear plan for the world to see what God’s will looks like lived out in the lives of everyday people. For the people of the church the Fly For Good offers discounted fares to humanitarian and nonprofit travelers. We have contracts with 36 airlines to help get you the best possible rates for humanitarian airfare.

The church is more than a social or religious gathering. It is made up of the disciples of Jesus Christ – people of God who verbally and visibly reflect the rule of Christ in their everyday lives. The people that make up the church have a job to do: God wants His people to be present in the world for His purposes. The church is more than a group of people with a shared faith. Believers are to represent God’s eternal plans and purposes on earth. As such, the church has been given collective authority to draw heaven into history. When a believer operates in obedience to God’s Word and His will, they gain access to the keys that unlock heaven’s power to act on earth. Every believer should be a part of an active ministry that possesses and operates with the keys of the kingdom.

For every hellish gate, there is a kingdom key. These are keys that are issued by divine authority, based on God’s word, through His people who are communicating and walking with Him according to His purposes. The church’s influence on earth is activated by heaven’s keys to release heaven’s perspective on earth and to call on the power of heaven to demonstrate God’s will on earth. In fact, heaven is waiting on the church to act in the matter of permitting and releasing before heaven’s authority gets activated in history. You can only bind and loose – restrict or release – what has already been bound and loosed in heaven due to delegated authority.

Bible Classes for Everyone  

  • Sunday    9:30 am

Children’s Choir

  • Sundays 9:30 am (2 yrs to 3rd grade)

Junior Church

  • Our junior church program is for elementary ages.
  • Sundays 10:30 am


  • Provided for infants and toddlers (up to 2 years)


  • A Bible Club for kids with Bible lessons, games, crafts, & prizes.
  • Ages 3 – 12 years
  • Wednesday 6:30-8:15pm (Sept – May)

B.A.S.I.C. Youth Group

  • Wednesday 6:30 pm (teens)
  • BASIC = Brothers And Sisters In Christ

Adult Bible Study

  • Wednesday 7:00 pm

Ladies, Men, Couples, Teens, and Family activities throughout the year.