Dear Friends,

Thank you for thinking of us and remembering us in your prayers. We are enthusiastic to tell you that God has provided for our housing. Our friend’s visa paperwork went through, and our flat will be open in the next week or so for us to move in. We are looking forward to getting settled shortly after it opens.

On the school front, we are enjoying the opportunity to develop relationships with our students. Kevin is leading a faculty-student mentorship group. They meet once a week to encourage each other in their involvement in the mission of the church. Please pray that God would use Kevin to have a positive impact for the gospel in his mentorship of Anderson, Daniel, Gabriel, John, and Seth.

For the past few weeks, we have also been involved in leading an evangelistic Bible study in Phil Hunt’s place while he has been traveling. Most of the attendees are from the expatriate community, and many of them are unsaved and unchurched. We are anticipating that God might use our time in the Scriptures to draw people to Christ through the gospel.  Please be in prayer with us for the salvation of those attending.

Kevin & Sarah