September 2014


Greetings from Scotland!!!

What a great summer we had in Scotland!!!  The weather was just incredible. We don’t get to say that very often in Scotland but trust me it was nice!!!

The church stayed busy all summer. Our attendance hardly dropped at all. We had a lot of church activities to keep us busy. This past Sunday we celebrated our 13th year of being in our church building. Each year we hold a “Community Family Fun Day.” We had a BBQ, bouncy castle, face painting, and things along that line. I’m always so proud of our church people who do such a great job of making the community feel welcome. It was really a good day.

We had three of our young adults help out in summer mission projects this year. Anna Koufogianni worked in clubs and summer camps throughout Scotland. Naomi Lungu went to Zambia on a summer mission and worked with children, and Mark Stevenson went to Wales to work in a youth camp. Mark, who is studying for the ministry spoke in the morning sessions at the camp and did a great job. These three are sharing with the church this Sunday Night about their summer mission projects.

Please keep the following in your prayers. In three weeks time Scotland will be voting if they want independence from the United Kingdom. The rest of the United Kingdom consists of the countries of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It really doesn’t seem clear what Scotland will “look like” if they vote for independence. They aren’t even positive if they can keep the British Pound which is their currency. It looks as if it will be a very close vote but there is a lot of uncertainty if Scotland votes for their independence.

We have had so many people ask if our services are recorded and now we are happy to announce that thanks to our son Jared you can listen to our services at our website at  Just a reminder you can read and also download our prayer letter off our website as well.

Thanks again for all of your faithful prayers and support through the years!!!

The Williams Family